FLORIS Wake Modeling & Wind Farm Controls

FLORIS Wake Modeling & Wind Farm Controls#

FLORIS is a controls-focused wind farm simulation software incorporating steady-state engineering wake models into a performance-focused Python framework. The software is in active development and engagement with the development team is highly encouraged. If you are interested in using FLORIS to conduct studies of a wind farm or extending FLORIS to include your own wake model, please join the conversation in GitHub Discussions!

Quick Start#

FLORIS is a Python package run on the command line typically by providing an input file with an initial configuration. It can be installed with pip install floris (see Installation). The typical entry point is FlorisModel which accepts the path to the input file as an argument. From there, changes can be made to the initial configuration through the FlorisModel.set() routine, and the simulation is executed with FlorisModel.run().

from floris import FlorisModel
fmodel = FlorisModel("path/to/input.yaml")
    wind_directions=[i for i in range(10)],

Finally, results can be analyzed via post-processing functions available within FlorisModel such as FlorisModel.get_turbine_layout(), FlorisModel.get_turbine_powers() and FlorisModel.get_farm_AEP(), and a visualization package is available in floris.flow_visualization. A collection of examples are included in the repository and described in detail in examples.

Engaging on GitHub#

FLORIS leverages the following GitHub features to coordinate support and development efforts:

  • Discussions: Collaborate to develop ideas for new use cases, features, and software designs, and get support for usage questions

  • Issues: Report potential bugs and well-developed feature requests

  • Projects: Include current and future work on a timeline and assign a person to "own" it

Generally, the first entry point for the community will be within one of the categories in Discussions. Ideas is a great spot to develop the details for a feature request. Q&A is where to get usage support. Show and tell is a free-form space to show off the things you are doing with FLORIS.