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Module Updates on Kestrel for November 2023#


  • OpenFOAM versions 10, 11, and 2306 are now available as modules. All are compiled with GCC and OpenMPI.
  • The module openfoam/v2306-openmpi-gcc is an installation of OpenFOAM obtained from the .com OpenFOAM website.
  • OpenFOAM 10 and 11 are from the .org website which is cloned from the OpenFOAM repo. If there is a need for the dev version of OpenFOAM on Github, please let us know via and we can work on making it available.


  • anaconda3/2022.05 was lately noticed to generate error message. This is now rectified, and the 2022 version should be working properly.
  • The modules anaconda3/2023 and mamba/1.4.2 are also available.


  • netcdf/4.9.2-intel-oneapi-mpi-intel is now available as a module. The module contains netcdfc, netcdfcxx, and netcdf-fortran compiled with Intel in one single module as opposed to having them in separate modules.