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Using MATLAB Software#

Learn how to use MATLAB software on the NREL HPC systems.

Running MATLAB in Batch Mode#

Details on how to run MATLAB scripts in batch mode. Steps are illustrated by a simple example.

Running MATLAB Interactively#

How to run interactively using either a terminal or FastX.

Using the Parallel Computing Toolbox#

Toolbox used to run parallel MATLAB code on a single, multi-core compute node. Use of the toolbox is demonstrated via a parallel "hello world" example and a Monte Carlo example that leverages MATLAB's parfor command.

Understanding Versions and Licenses#

Learn about the MATLAB software versions and licenses available for use.

Additional Resources#

If you're an NREL user, on GitHub view MATLAB presentations and code examples.

For all users, see a summary PowerPoint deck on the MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Coder, and MATLAB Engine for Python.