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Vermilion is an OpenHPC-based cluster running on Dual AMD EPYC 7532 Rome CPUs. The nodes run as virtual machines in a local virtual private cloud (OpenStack). Mellanox drivers and OFED are installed on all nodes.

Collaboration / Help

You can get help with Vermilion via email at or live chat.

Live chat:
Users with access to NREL's Teams chat can collaborate via the Vermilion Users Teams room.

For specific questions about work you're running on Vermilion, send email to and specify vermilion on the subject line.

Connecting to Vermilion

To access vermilion, log into the NREL network and connect via ssh:


There are currently two login nodes. They share the same home directory so work done on one will appear on the other. They are:


You may connect directly to a login node, but they may be cycled in and out of the pool. If a node is unavailable, try connecting to another login node or the round-robin option.

Building code

Don't build or run code on a login node. Login nodes have limited CPU and memory available. Use a compute or GPU node instead. Simply start an interactive job on an appropriately provisioned node and partition for your work and do your builds there. Similarly, build your projects under /projects/your_project_name/ as home directories are limited to 5GB per user.