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NREL Systems#

NREL operates four on-premises systems for computational work.

System configurations#

Name Kestrel Eagle Swift Vermilion
OS RedHat Enterprise Linux CentOS Rocky Linux RedHat
CPU Dual socket Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Dual Intel Xeon Gold Skylake 6154 Dual AMD EPYC 7532 Rome CPU Dual AMD EPYC 7532 Rome CPU
Cores per CPU Node 104 cores 36 cores 128 cores Varies by partition
Interconnect HPE Slingshot 11 InfiniBand EDR InfiniBand HDR 25GbE
HPC scheduler Slurm Slurm Slurm Slurm
Network Storage 95PB Lustre 17PB Lustre FS 3PB NFS 440 TB
GPU 132 4x NVIDIA H100 SXM GPUs Dual NVIDIA Tesla V100 10 4x NVIDIA A100 40GB GPUs 5 nodes Single A100
Memory 256GB, 384GB, 2TB 96GB, 192GB, 768GB 256GB(CPU) 1T(GPU) 256GB (base)
Number of Nodes 2454 2618 484 133 virtual


GPUs are not currently available on Kestrel. 132 nodes with 4x Nvidia H100 GPUs are expected to be installed on Kestrel in FY24 Q2.