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About the Swift Cluster

Swift is an NREL supercomputing cluster housed in the ESIF data center for LDRD projects, as an alternative to the NREL flagship cluster Eagle. Swift is an AMD-based cluster, featuring 484 nodes with two EPYC 7532 (32 core/64 thread) CPUs and 256GB RAM each.

Please see the System Configurations page for more information about hardware, storage, and networking.

Accessing Swift

Access to Swift requires an NREL HPC account and permission to join an existing allocation. Please see the System Access page for more information on accounts and allocations.

For NREL Employees:

Swift can be reached from the NREL VPN via ssh to,, or

For External Collaborators:

There are currently no external-facing login nodes for Swift. There are two options to connect:

  1. ssh and log in with your username, password, and OTP code. Once connected, ssh to the login nodes as above.
  2. Connect to the HPC VPN and ssh to the login nodes as above.

Get Help With Swift

The Known Issues and Answers page has answers to common Swift questions.

Please see the Help and Support Page for further information on how to seek assistance with Swift or your NREL HPC account.