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Transferring files using FileZilla#

FileZilla can be used to securely transfer files between your local computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS to a remote computer running Linux.

Setting Up FileZilla#

Connecting to a Host#

  • Decide which host you wish to connect to such as,
  • Enter your username in the Username field.
  • Enter your password or Password+OTP Token in the Password field.
  • Use 22 as the Port.
  • Click the 'Quickconnect' button.

Transferring Files#

You may use FileZilla to transfer individual files or directories from the Local Directory to the Remote Directory or vice versa.

Transfer files by dragging them from the Local Directory (left pane) to the Remote Directory (right pane) or vice versa. Once the transfer is complete the selected file will be visible in the pane it was transferred to.