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Swift Known Issues and Solutions


  1. IntelMPI appears to be working properly.
  2. OpenMPI appears to be working properly.


  1. There are no GPU nodes currently available on Swift.


  1. There is a very basic version of conda in the "anaconda" directory in each /nopt/nrel/apps/YYMMDDa directory. However, there is a more complete environment pointed to by the module under /nopt/nrel/apps/modules. This is set up like Eagle. Please see Eagle's Python Documentation for more information.
  2. User accounts have a default set of keys cluster and The config file will use these even if you generate a new keypair using ssh-keygen. If you are adding your keys to Github or elsewhere you should either use or will have to modify the config file.

Job Scheduling

  1. Use --cpus-per-task with srun/sbatch otherwise some applications may only utilize a single core. This behavior differs from Eagle.
  2. By default, nodes can be shared between users. To get exclusive access to a node use the --exclusive flag in your sbatch script or on the sbatch command line.
  3. There are some example slurm scripts in the example directory.

How to Get Help

Please visit the Help and Support Page for assistance or to report an issue.