RechunkH5 CLI entry point

rechunk [OPTIONS]



Show the version and exit.

-src, --src_h5 <src_h5>

Required Source .h5 file path

-dst, --dst_h5 <dst_h5>

Required Destination path for rechunked .h5 file

-vap, --var_attrs_path <var_attrs_path>

.json containing variable attributes

-hgt, --hub_height <hub_height>

Rechunk specific hub_height

-size, --chunk_size <chunk_size>

Chunk size in MB



-wpc, --weeks_per_chunk <weeks_per_chunk>

Number of weeks per time chunk, if None scale weeks based on 8 weeks for hourly data

-rm, --overwrite

Flag to overwrite an existing h5_dst file

-m, --meta <meta>

Path to .csv or .npy file containing meta to load into rechunked .h5 file

-s, --process_size <process_size>

Size of each chunk to be processed

-cda, --check_dset_attrs

Flag to compare source and specified dataset attributes

-res, --resolution <resolution>

New time resolution

-log, --log_file <log_file>

Path to .log file, if None only log to stdout

-v, --verbose

If used upgrade logging to DEBUG