class MultiYearSolarResource(h5_path, years=None, unscale=True, str_decode=True, hsds=False, hsds_kwargs=None)[source]

Bases: object

Class to handle multiple years of solar resource data stored accross multiple .h5 files

  • h5_path (str) – Unix shell style pattern path with * wildcards to multi-file resource file sets. Files must have the same coordinates but can have different datasets or time indexes.

  • years (list, optional) – List of years to access, by default None

  • unscale (bool) – Boolean flag to automatically unscale variables on extraction

  • str_decode (bool) – Boolean flag to decode the bytestring meta data into normal strings. Setting this to False will speed up the meta data read.

  • hsds (bool, optional) – Boolean flag to use h5pyd to handle .h5 ‘files’ hosted on AWS behind HSDS, by default False

  • hsds_kwargs (dict, optional) – Dictionary of optional kwargs for h5pyd, e.g., bucket, username, password, by default None