reVX documentation

What is reVX?

reVX stands for the Renewable Energy Potential(V) EXchange tool.

reVX provides a set of tools to extract data from reV model outputs, as well as interfaces between reV and other renewable energy focused models, for example, ReEDS, RPM, and PLEXOS.

reVX command line tools

Installing reVX

NOTE: The installation instruction below assume that you have python installed on your machine and are using conda as your package/environment manager.

  1. Create a new environment:

    conda create --name revx python=3.8

  2. Activate your new environment:

    conda activate revx

  3. Clone the repo:

    From your home directory /home/{user}/ or another directory that you have permissions in, run the command git clone and then go into your cloned repository: cd reVX

  4. Install reVX:
    1. Follow the installation commands installation process that we use for our automated test suite here. Make sure that you call pip install -e . from within the cloned repository directory e.g. /home/{user}/reVX/