This section provides tutorials, how-to guides explanations and reference material designed to aid users in answering questions about the ComStock dataset.


This section provides lessons for understanding certain capabilities and functions of ComStock, as well as for learning a specific analysis skill.

How-to Guides

This section provides a collection of step-by-step guides for using the ComStock dataset to answer a given question.


These documents provide explanations focusing on the how and why of various parts of the ComStock data sets. While this section does not provide explicit advice on how to achieve a specific outcome, the documentation here will help users understand specific and important aspects the data sets. If while using ComStock there are aspects of the data sets that seem counterintuitive and / or confusing, please email us to recommend an additional piece of explanation documentation.


ComStock Limitations and Known Issues


These documents describe various aspects of ComStock, including the baseline and upgrade model documentation, as well as geographic clustering methodology.

ComStock Reference Documentation

This document serves as a guide to and resource for the methodology and assumptions behind ComStock. The Reference Documentation will be updated as major changes to the baseline models are incorporated.

ComStock Reference Documentation: Version 2

May 2024

Corresponding ComStock releases:

  • 2024/comstock_amy2018_release_1

ComStock Reference Documentation: Version 1

March 2023

Corresponding ComStock releases:

  • 2023/comstock_amy2018_release_1
  • 2023/comstock_amy2018_release_2
Upgrade Measures

The measure documentation describes the modeling methodology, assumptions, relevant ComStock baseline features, and observations from results.

Upgrade Measures

Geographic Clustering Reference Documentation

These documents provide reference documentation for the clustering methodology developed by ComStock. The clustering algorithm described in this technical report resulted in 88 clusters across the United States. The clusters are used as the geographic basis for the “U.S. Building Stock Segmentation Series” published by DOE’s Building Technologies Office. This series will provide geographically relevant insight into building stock characteristics, energy and emissions performance, and, eventually, common end use technologies. The cluster definitions file maps counties to building stock segmentation clusters.

Building Stock Segmentation Cluster Development

June 2023

Building Stock Segmentation Cluster Definitions

July 2023

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