We recommend that you install DISCO in a virtual environment such as Conda.

Conda Installation

  1. Create a Conda virtual environment. This example uses the name disco as a convention.

$ conda create -n disco python=3.10
$ conda activate disco

Optional: Install extra packages.

$ conda install ipython
  1. Install DISCO from the PyPi repository.

$ pip install NREL-disco

Known Windows installation problem: DISCO requires PyDSS which requires the Shapely package. In some cases Shapely will fail to install. pip will report an error about geos_c.dll. Install it from conda and then retry.

$ conda install shapely

Then retry the DISCO installation command.

  1. If you will run your jobs through JADE, install DISCO’s extensions.

$ disco install-extensions

Now, the Conda environment disco is ready to use. To deactivate it, run the command below:

$ conda deactivate

Developer Installation

Follow these instructions if you will be developing DISCO code and running tests.

$ git clone
$ cd disco
$ pip install -e '.[dev]'

# Run this command if your git version is lower than 2.19.
$ conda install git">=2.19"