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Getting Started

This section provides installation instructions, introductory tutorials, and information to get you up and running.

Installation & Tutorial

Review the list of features and building elements that can be modeled.

Current Features

Planned Features

Learn what measures are, how to use them for various use cases, and where to find them.

About Measures

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The OpenStudio SDK only supports the Command Line Interface for running measure based workflows quickly and easily. If you are looking for a GUI to generate OpenStudio models and workflows, you may consider the OpenStudio Application. More information about the Application is available here.

Command Line Interface

Can't find the measures you want, or need to customize an existing measure? The Measure Writing Guide will help you get started.

Measure Writing Guide

Learn how to create design alternatives as part of a parametric study using the OpenStudio Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT). Run simulations locally and on the cloud.

Parametric Analysis Tool

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Help & Additional Resources

The OpenStudio SDK Repository on GitHub

OpenStudio SDK on GitHub

Find professional training for OpenStudio SDK.

Training, Support, & Consulting

Check out Unmet Hours to post a question or search for answers to your energy modeling questions.

OpenStudio SDK on Unmet Hours

Check out this advanced application of OpenStudio Measures for fault detection:

Fault Detection Measures

Additional help topics.

Best Practices