Source code for rex.utilities.toml_parser

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Module to handle parsing configuration parameters from .toml files
import collections
import toml

[docs]def flatten_dict(d, parent_key='', sep='/'): """ Flattent nested dictionary. Combine keys using given seperator sep Parameters ---------- d : 'dict' Nested dictionary parent_key : 'str' parent key from upper levels sep : 'str' Seperator to use when combining keys """ items = [] for k, v in d.items(): new_key = parent_key + sep + k if parent_key else k if isinstance(v, collections.MutableMapping): items.extend(flatten_dict(v, new_key, sep=sep).items()) else: items.append((new_key, v)) return dict(items)
[docs]class TOMLParser: """ Class object to parse in configuration parameters from .toml files """ def __init__(self, toml_file): """ Parse .toml into a dictionary and flatten it Parameters ---------- toml_file : 'str' Path to config .toml file """ self._toml = toml.load(toml_file) self._flat_dict = flatten_dict(self._toml) def __getitem__(self, section_name): """ Extract given section from toml dictionary Parameters ---------- section_name : 'str' toml section name Returns ------- 'dict' Section from toml file containing subsections or key: value pairs """ return self._toml[section_name]
[docs] def get_value(self, *keys): """ Decode config entry converting missing or 'None' entires to None Parameters ---------- keys : 'string' keys for config entry to be read Returns --------- 'object' decoded config entry using eval """ key = '/'.join(keys) val = self._flat_dict[key] if val in ['None', 'none', 'NONE', 'Null', 'null', 'NULL', '']: val = None return val