VirtualPULSE is a holistic web based simulation platform for building energy, urban solar radiation & urban airlflow. It uses OpenStudio under the hood to assist in generating models and running simulations. The website offers a full workflow on its own, but you can also take resulting models out as OSM models for further inspection, modeling, and simulation.

VirtualPULSE Workflow Video

Above: This video made by the Building Science Group and University of Maryland, walks you through the virtualPULSE web based workflow.

Bring Models Into OpenStudio.

You can start your workflow using the VirtualPULSE workflow, and then bring in models from selected buildings into OpenStudio. At that point they are like any other OpenStudio models.

Apply VirtualPULSE model viewed in OpenStudio Above: VirtualPULSE model viewed in OpenStudio.