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The Vermilion HPC cluster marries traditional HPC deployments and modern cloud architectures, both using the OpenHPC infrastructure, and spack. .

There are a few packages installed using the OpenHPC infrastructure. These can be found in /opt/ohpc/pub/. These are not in your path by default. Some can be loaded via the module load command. Running the command module avail you will see which of the packages can be loaded under the heading /opt/ohpc/pub/modulefiles.

However, there ary many additional modules that can be made available. Instructions for enabling additional modules, Information about partitions, and running on Vermilion can be found in the documents Modules and Running.

The page Modules discuses how to activate and use the modules on Vermilion. Modules are not available by default and must be activated. Please see the Modules page for more information about setting up your environment and loading modules.

The page Running describes running on Vermilion in more detail including a description of the hardware, partitions, simple build and run scripts and launching Vasp.