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File systems

Eagle has three primary file systems available for compute nodes. Understanding the usage of these is important for achieving the best performance.

NREL file systems

  • Home file system
    • Quota of 50 GB
    • Used to hold scripts, source code, executables
  • Lustre parallel file system: Accessiblle across all nodes. When using this file system please familiarize yourself with the best practices section
    • /scratch/username
    • /projects
    • /shared-projects
    • /datasets
  • Node file system: The local drive on each node, these are accessible only on a given node.
    • /tmp/scratch
      • 1 TB HDD (spinning disk, average performance) on compute nodes with 196GB or less RAM
      • 1.6 TB SSD (higher performance) on 78 bigmem/GPU nodes
      • 25.6 TB SSD (higher performance, maximum local storage) on 20 bigmem/GPU "bigscratch" nodes

For more information on the file systems available on Eagle please see: Eagle System Configuration